Practical winter dressing

Top - Anthro; Sweater - Anthro; Jeans - J. Crew; Boots - Sorel via Free People; Scarf - Anthro 

Date: Friday, December 17, 2010

So today is Friday, I'm tired, it's the end of the week, there's snow on the ground, and it's cold outside. The last thing I want to do is throw on a dress, or something cute and uncomfortable. So, I didn't and here you have it - practical winter dressing. I think the look has style, it's just not glitzy-glammy style.

I should have warned you that you will rarely see me in stilettos in the winter. It's just not realistic or safe for me. I'll give you two prime examples from my college days...

  1. I ruined a BCBG suit after slipping and falling on a sheet of ice, rushing to get to an interview. I got the job offer - didn't accept it, ripped a hole in the knee of the pants and cut my knee and hand. Clearly I used my hand to break my fall...obviously that didn't help much.
  2. Then another time, I fell down a hill after a recent snowfall - it was like I turned my body into a sled. As I began to roll, I grabbed onto a nearby tree to try to stop myself from falling and the tree was full of thorns. So I let go and continued to roll down. Some guy saw me to help me, he stopped laughing by the time he reached me. I was ok, just some cuts on my hand. I didn't ruin any clothes this time, just muddied them up!

Now this what I call extreme winter sports! You guys didn't know that about me did you? Well yes, please laugh in my clumsiness - it really cracks me up, LOL! I hope you all have awesome weekends! I have good fits coming up since I'm going to a couple of parties...which do require heels and leg-bearing. ::rolls eyes and smiles::

PS - I know someone is looking at this pic going, WHOA- hair! I finished taking my braids down on Wednesday, and I've worn it out 3 days too many. I'm dreading the wash process that's taking place this evening. DREADING IT!


  1. Lol!! Sorry, but I'm over here cracking up at both of those stories. I'm happy your okay though, but for your future parties wear cute flats instead.

    Also, I must tell you how much I love your hair, scarf and those comfy boots. You look cute and comfortable!

  2. LMAO @ rolling down the hill, brought back memories of when I slid down a hill in high school, I live in GA, the hill was red clay, and I was known as that girl for my whole freshman year! Anyway, thanks for the laugh & honey, your hair is fierce!

  3. Ahh, Monique, you gave me such a great laugh! I'm very visual so I was imagining scenarios 1 and 2 as I was reading. Too funny!

    Loving your hair too, but I can imagine the detangling/wash process. I hope mine hasn't matted together. I've had it in the same protective roll for so many days, tied down with a scarf, and a tam on top (there was no heat at work for a while) that I don't even know if I can find the bobby pins anymore. I haven't had time and I absolutely hate washing my hair when it's cold, but it must be done....

    Have a great weekend!

    * one glove down and one to go!

  4. Hi There lady, My name is Monique too :) You are hilarious. I could picture you sliding, grabbing a tree and letting go. This outfit is cute and your hair is still looking good. Have fun at your holiday parties this weekend.

  5. Very lovely and practical! So hard to be practical in the winter time!

  6. Number 2 was hilarious. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has slipped and fell in the snow:) Love your hair! Enjoy the holidays

  7. I'm glad you all could join me in laughter at my pitiful stories!!! LOL! The second story is really a funny one - I forgot to mention that I took the hill to take a short-cut to class...#FAIL!

  8. LMAOOOOO wow that is extreme... Sounds like a scene from a comical movie (no offense) lol. Love that scarf!!