Back in the Habit

Button up - Anthro (2009); Cardigan - Anthro (2009); Jeans - Urban Sample; Boots - Aldo (2006); Necklace - Etsy; Earrings - Gift

Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit is my favorite movie of all time. The mix of the chorus scenes with high school kids stank attitudes and Whoopi Goldberg's acting was an all around win for me. Now, I'm not dressed like a nun today, and I'm also not dressed like a teen from the 90's. However, I am back in the habit of getting some regular outfit pics up. I totally meant to get dressed yesterday, and post pics today, but work ran late and I didn't get home before the sun went down. Thus, I stayed dress in my "steel-toe boot wear" ::rolls eyes::. I didn't look too crazy - polo layered with a long-sleeve shirt underneath and boot-cut khakis. Anyway, I really never got out the habit, since I only "missed" an outfit post yesterday, but I needed to tie my outfit into the movie, and this was all that came to mind. Don't hate me, I'm telling the truth when I say it's my favorite movie. Ask anyone that knows me - I know the entire soundtrack!!!


  1. I will say I've watched my fair share of that movie. lol That coral or orange sweater is a good color on you.

    * Now I want to know about your hair. How long will it take to take out those braids or twists?
    They are super tiny and cute!

  2. @ Libby - Thanks! I'm sure taking down these braids would take a couple of hours...minimum, say 3...hopefully not any more. I'll def let you all know how long it will take!

  3. I saw your feature on BGLH, enjoyed the hair story video! The jeans in this outfit look good!

  4. you are super cute with a great tiny waist. did you ever consider tucking your shirts in to accentuate it more?

  5. @ Anon - thanks!

    @ Camille Acey - Thank you!!! I actually rarely tuck my shirts in. I find that my large breasts sometimes make me look like I have a short torso, so I like leaving my shirts untucked because it elongates my top half.