Running Milestone...Kind of Late...

I ran on Saturday and ran a total of 5 miles STRAIGHT! WHOO! And it felt so good...I wasn't tired, instead I felt triumphant. Unforch, I haven't really ran since then, but work has got me a lil' crazy-busy. I hope to run tomorrow evening before going to the Franklin Institute's "Is America Colorblind" exhibit.

--> Random Hair Excerpt...I attempted a straw set for my hair last Friday, and I thought it looked an awful hot mess. I was so upset :( I don't know if it was too long or if my technique was just all wrong...maybe all of the above, who knows...I took pics too, I just haven't downloaded them b/c I'm lazy and no one follows this, lol.

No EVOO or Baby Food for Me

My birthday was Monday, thus this entire week I've been hanging out with friends & celebrating and not worrying about my hair! I did a twist out last week and it actually lasted! I was super-surprised b/c they typically only last 1 day for me. I think it lasted b/c I didn't try to separate the twist-chunks. I had the twists in from Saturday - Tuesday and rocked the twist-out Tuesday (night) - Saturday.

I did some different things with my regimen last week- I used baby food bananas instead of an actual banana and olive oil. My scalp reacted horribly to one of the two, and I spent last week and this one recovering from some kind of skin reaction to one of those two. I'm not sure which one was the culprit, but I'm going to do my scalp a favor and stay far away from both of them.

Yesterday I bought some Aubrey's Organic shampoo for Dry/brittle hair with the hopes to help my scalp feel better. I DC'd with some Earthly Delight conditioner and did a regular co-wash with my other Aubrey's conditioner product. Everything seemed to work well as my scalp feels 10 times better. I did box braids yesterday but I don't love it. Last week I had this full, thick twist-out look and now I have the "short-hair kiddy braids" look. I'm going to try to curl the braids with some hot curlers with the hopes that I will like it more.