Bun + Turban = Cuteness

Have any of you noticed that turbans are in?  Well, I have!!! One of the style blogs that I follow along with a fave youTube channel of mine has discussed this new trend.  I gave the trend a whirl last weekend to update my bun with something a little more refreshing.

The scarf that I used is actually thrifted, I felt that I really completed the look with my thrifted earrings & scarf.  I normally don't wear scarves because I have a lot going with my outfits - so I feel like the scarf is just too much.  I wore this scarf with a purpleish t-shirt dress.  It definitely worked!

So I guess I'm still learning

I will introduce this post by saying: It's funny, because I've been natural for two years now, yet at times I imagine that my hair is something that it simply is not.

This weekend I purchased my first e-book...and it was hair-related!!! Sidenote: I love my hair books!  I purchased Curly Like Me by Teri LaFlesh.  I have two other hair books (Ultra Black Hair Growth and Grow It). In comparison, this book had a lot of great content: hair science, great pictures and an awesome story to tie everything together.  Teri is witty and honest - she offers a fresh perspective on products; really getting to science of things.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys hair science or wants to know more about products.

Naturally, when people write these hair books they always offer a fresh perspective on something style-related.  Teri's "new" styling option focused on leaving your hair conditioner in.  I mean leaving a regular, plain 'ole conditioner IN.  However, only certain types of regular conditioners "work" for her method of styling.  In the end, using her method, you should be left with defined non-frizzy curls/coils.  I loved this idea because there is no "solve-everything" product to define the curls - just the conditioner and your natural curl.

I decided to give this method a try since it cost me no money.  Thankfully, I already had a conditioner on-hand that had the necessary characteristics to HOLD my curl, and it also did not have characteristics that would make me want to rinse the conditioner out (think sticky polymers). *Teri discusses these specific characteristics in her book*   I give these coil-defining methods a try because with product applied, I do appear to have some defined coils.  It's always a different story when my hair drys...at the end of the day, my hair came out in afro-form.

Don't get me wrong...I like my afro, but I look at a couple of facts: 1. Outside of a FRESH braid/twist-out, my hair does not hang down-PERIOD. 2. Oil and water don't make my hair feel any different. Honestly, I think I've just been adding the stuff because it works for others, and I feel like something may be happening on a microscopic level even though I physically notice no difference, LOL. My final conclusion is just that my hair is STILL JUST DIFFERENT!  This leads me to wonder....Do those WITH AN ACTUAL CURL/COIL TO DEFINE have different "rules" than those of us with hair like cotton?  If so, what are our rules for retention & moisture? I'd love for you all to weigh in on this one...

My First Video: My Hair Story/Blog 1 Year Anniversary

I FINALLY got a computer software that allows me to record video!!! I'm really excited, this first one is a little rough, but I thought it was a nice 1-Year Anniversary gift for the blog (a late gift, but better late than never!).  I decided to narrate my hair story with pictures and my own personal commentary.  I hope everyone enjoys this!

PS - sorry about the sound quality...I'll work on that for the future!

Wedding Hair = Success

I was in a wedding Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I really do love weddings - the committment that they represent and the real meaning behind the ceremony...tear...

 Moving back to hair...I looked back in my book of styles to a failed attempt from October 2009 for inspiration.  I never posted or took pictures from the style because I knew I did not leave enough time for the style to set.  I didn't let it dry, and it wasn't awful, but I saw the potential GREATNESS from that one trial.  The style was a flat twist/roller set style that I saw a couple of youTubers post vids for (links provided below).

Here are the pics....

*Bonus pic of the ladies and kiddies with the groom - just adorable*

I did this style on stretched ("dirty") hair.  I wore my hair in a bun all last week.  I did this style right after I took my bun down Friday night and it was fresh for Saturday!   It took about 30 minutes, I used water and kimmaytube's leave-in to set my hair.  Curly Chronicles gives a great tutorial for the style (here and here) along with kimmaytube (here).  I used the kimmaytube method - the double stacked flat twists in the back gave me added volume.  I also rolled the ends of the twists with a medium-sized roller to ensure my ends popped.  I undid the twists in the morning, fluffed and I was set!

I received lots of compliments on this style and I will definitely showcase it again for a nice weekend-hair treat.  I just loved how my bangs spiraled in the front!  Another plus to this style is its predictability.   My twist-outs and braid-outs can run the gamut in terms of end results, however this style is reliable*.  *DISCLAIMER: I haven't had another successful trial with the style, however because of the parting and setting done to set the style, I'm confident in making this assumption ;-)*

Bday hair pics pt 2

Pics of me (and two friends) and how I wore my hair when I went out for my bday.

This style was done on braid-out hair.  I had about 14 braids total on my head - I braided my hair the night before and set them with kimmaytube's leave-in conditioner.  I pulled the rest of my hair back into an "illegal" bun.  LOL @ my facial expressions...smh. I love bangs.

Finally - success in the kitchen!

I've been doing really well updating you all on my hair recently.  I have NOT been doing well on the whole "healthy eating thing."  Well...I have been eating well, BUT I've been eating out a lot.  I haven't had the time or knowledge to throw a healthy meal together...until yesterday.  I fixed some zucchini cakes with a horseradish sauce and they were delicious!
I got the recipe from a recent cookbook purchase titled College Vegetarian Cooking by Megan Carle and Jill Carle.  I bought the book at Urban Outfitters.  The book is marketed for the single, budget-friendly young adult - it's perfect for me!  The authors break down different recipes by the following titles: Cheap Eats, Meals for One, Survival Cooking, Party Food and others.  It's a great buy for anyone in a similar situation to mine.  On to the topic at hand...Zucchini Cakes...

PROS: Affordable, quick, meal-for one
CONS: Not a "heavy" meal - you'll need more if you're really hungry

I bought some zucchini from a local farmer's market last Thursday, I had yet to use them yesterday and I didn't want to waste them. I found the recipe for the zucchini cakes and saw that it was quick, affordable and healthy!  I would definitely reccomend this one.

Ingredients (serves 1)
2 green onions
1/4 cup mayo
2 teaspoons horseradish
1 teaspoon milk
1 clove garlic
1 zucchini
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon flour (plus 1/4 cup for dipping)
Salt & pepper
1 tablespoon canola oil

I'm not sure what the "rules" are for posting recipes, but I'd imagine I shouldn't post it word-for-word unless it's my own creation.  If you're interested in the directions - email me - my email is in my 'About Me' page.  In general, my goal is to cook (and post) ONE healthy-cooked meal per week.  We'll see how that goes!!!

My hair this week

This week, I rocked a bun, no puff/poof/coiff - just a bun.  It's really nice to know I have a "go-to" hairstyle that is easy and protective now that I'm at this length...hopefully I'll see more length-retention since I'm keeping my ends tucked away. 

I used a banana clip to hold my hair.  I used an ouchless band and some hair pins to shape the bun.  This east-coast unbearable heat leaves me wanting hair that is up and away, lol - it's too hot for anything else!

For cool things in the future...I'm in a wedding on Saturday, I plan on doing a roller set - hopefully I'll get some last minute inspiration and do something really stylin' with it!  Unforch, I only have one pic from my bday "going out" hair - I will upload that later today or this week.  Also - I *think* I will have the ability to put some videos together in the near future.  I'm super excited about it and look forward to sharing some style how-to's, my hair story and other randoms.

It's my birthday so my hair has got to be right!

So, I've always been a fan of celebrating, especially important things like birthdays, promotions, life accomplishments, etc.  In honor of my birthday, I felt the need to "bring it" with my hair.  I did another roller set, however this time I used smaller rollers (click here for my first roller set).

I used the rollers that are 3/8" thick, they are pictured above - you can find them at Sally's. The ones I have are grey.  Result pics shown below.

I love this style - it's super cute!  I don't see it being a regular because of the amount of time the styling takes and the amount of actual wear I get from the style.  Also, it's just not logical to wear my hair out with the type of job I have.  I do like this style for special occasions, I may wear my hair like this for a wedding I'm in next weekend.

The first pic is from today = day-old hair.  The second and third pics are from yesterday.  I set my hair with kimmaytube's leave-in conditioner  and aloe vera gel and slept in the rods (OUCH).  I took the rods out and separated some of the larger sections on Monday morning.  Setting your hair is not difficult, it just takes time and patience.  Tip to naturals doing this style: Be sure to use small hair sections on the rollers.  If you use large sections, the hair won't curl and will be more afro and less-curl.

I expect this to look nice for another 2 days MAX.  I've been putting a satin cap on it at night and moisturizing in the AM.

Sometimes I'm just practical - Bun with a poof

I have generated some go-to styles that aren't necessarily glamorous. However, they successfully complete the job of having my hair be presentable and out of the way. I wear this style quite a bit because of its ease to put together and it still has a bit of flare.

It's simple and anyone at a bunnable length can pull this one off.

Tutorial: Section off hair in the front - twist or braid to keep it out of the way.  Smooth back hair into a bun. *I use a banana clip for my buns*  Take the section in the front and roll it to the side of your choice and pin it back with a bobby pin.