Festive Week: Brother dearest

 Shirt Dress - H&M; Sweater - Anthro Hand me down; Tights - Urban; Headband - Anthro; Shoes - All Black via Anthro

Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today's festive post is going to be a shout-out to my one and only sibling, my younger brother, DJ. He's also going to be my photographer for the next couple of days, so if I look a little crazy - blame it on him.

My brother is 11 years old, he's 12 years and 7 months my junior. My parents say he was not a mistake - I wasn't either, although they debate that at times. As a young, rambunctious child, I remember bugging my parents about having a brother/sister all the time. I would say things like...

"Hey guys, I could really use a brother or sister. Aren't you tired of JUST hearing me talk to you?"
"Look at how nice I am, I would be a great big sister!"
"How about a dog...can we at least settle for a dog?"

I figured my begging and pleading had run out as I reached my pre-teen years and was still an only child. I remember the day my mom told me she was expecting, it was the same day I came to realize I would be an only child FOREVER! I said something like, "Mom, I've faced the truth - I'll never have a younger sibling - EVER." Her response, "Guess what? I'm pregnant!"

I clearly thought she was joking, as she would often use "being pregnant" as an April Fools' joke for me, however she was serious. She had to show me proof with an ultra sound before I really believed her. Obviously, DJ was no joke - she was expecting and I've loved being a big sis ever since. Although we are far apart in age, my brother an I have a solid relationship. He calls me "Sister" - just like they did in the old days. I call him DEEJ, DJ, Dimitrius, Annoying and Awesome Little Bro-Bro! I love my brother - he's my favorite sibling EVER. ;-)


  1. Cute pic, I love the news paper wrapping paper! I'm definitely doing that next year, perfect with a red bow

  2. @ Monique - Thanks, that was my way of being "green" this year!