Mirror mirror

Dress - Anthro (2008); Scarf - Free People; Tights - Anthro; Booties - Urban (2008); Earrings - Anthro; Lipstick - Mac, Dark Side

Date: Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm going to a little soiree tonight. I wanted to get dressed up, especially considering how restricted I've been with the 30 for 30. I got this LRD (Little Red Dress) from Anthro in 2008, and although I only wear it twice a year, I still love it. I'm not much of a "red" girl, but I do think it is a wonderful, bold color every so often! I paired it with the scarf to dress it down a bit. I do plan to wear some type of sweater/blazer on top because it is 24 degrees outside, but bf was pressed for time, so I'm still deciding what is going to go on top!

Bf shot these pics for me in my bathroom. I'm really not that vain, but this was the only thing that could work, considering that it gets dark at 4:30 pm. One last thing - these braids are going on week 3, I've already washed my hair once, and I still think they look GREAT!!! YAY for the weekend!!!


  1. you look fab in that dress an dthe make up, hairstyle compliments it well. I hope u had fun.

  2. You look snaZZy and I your hair looks great! I love this outfit a lot!

  3. LOL @ not much of a "red" girl...it's still fly on you though

  4. Your rocking that red dress and red lipstick. I'm going to check on that Mac color right now!
    Guess what I had my first day of freedom today and I still wore 2 items from my 30x30..Lol

  5. Hey Monique,

    Yes, another comment..Lol I tagged you as one of the blogs that inspired me during this challenge.

  6. @Mrs J - lol at you still wearing items from your 30 and thanks!

    @Libby - thanks!

  7. I'm lovin that chunky scarf...get it girl...

    great blog...