30 of 30: J. Crew Catalog

Top - J. Crew; Sweater - Anthro; Pants - Citizens; Boots - Thrifted; Earrings - Anthro; Watch Ring - Anthro; Coat - J. Crew; Hat - H & M

Date: Sunday, December 5, 2010

I look through J. Crew's catalog for several reasons
  1. Styling options - I totally swipe style ideas from their models
  2. Poses for my style posts
  3. Male model eye candy
Ok...I'm kidding about the third one...kind of! However, I'm telling the honest truth abut the first two. In fact, I stole the pose from the last pic from J. Crew's Holiday catalog. As soon as I saw the girls doing this pose I thought, "YES! This pose is perfect for outfit thirty because an OK totally doubles for a 30!" I know I probably had to explain it for you to see it...and my hair is totally covering my eye, which looks creepy. But remember guys, I'm no professional. Just a girl who likes to take pictures of herself and share part of her world with people who care to tune in.

Thanks for joining me for this challenge. Check out my 30 for 30 page to see all of my looks! I wish I had the time and skill to put the pictures together in a nice photo montage, but I have neither. This concludes the challenge, but I will continue to post outfit of the day posts, however they probably will be more infrequent...say 3-4 times a week. As always, I'll keep things entertaining with food options, AND I have some cool hair videos and other related upcoming posts!


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm so proud of you for making the challenge. I wonder how hard it will be to find something to wear tomorrow. LOL

  2. Girl congratulations on finishing the challenge! I just went through your past outfits and you did such a bang up job! Love your blog and your look!

    You did it!
    I love that self discipline/self control you displayed! Awesome!

  4. Hooray! Congrats for being done. I really enjoyed all your outfits.

  5. congrats on completing this challenge. strike up the band! you did it!

    the last picture is the best of the bunch. i'm looking forward to seeing more of your hairstyles. i'm having serious bangs envy right now!

  6. Thanks everyone, I am somewhat glad to be done - it was fun while it lasted!

  7. Love your blog. I think you did excellent on your challenge!