Good 'Ol Faithful

Dress - Target (2008); Cardigan - Anthro; Shoes - Anthro; Necklace - Anthro; Earrings - Anthro; Watch - Gift via Fossil; Tights - Urban

Date: Tuesday, December, 28, 2010

Everyone needs a good 'ol faithful go-to outfit. It's an outfit that looks good on you on a bad hair day, a bloated day, a don't know what to wear day, or a I just want to look decent without trying hard day. I've been home in VA since last Wednesday, and packing clothes for an entire week wasn't easy. Thus, I knew I needed to pack my good 'ol faithful to help me get through a day. So here it is - my good 'ol faithful. Good enough to get by for a casual office look, and the dress is comfy and roomy! This dress was $20 at Target and I'm pretty sure it will last forever. The material holds up well and it's machine washable. Additionally, bf got me the watch for Christmas, so I purposely packed a lot of gold-based outfits to allow me to wear my new watch.

Do you guys have a good 'ol faithful?


  1. "Good 'Ol Faithful" I sure do have one & anytime I wear it I look good or compliments without even trying. It's def my go to last minute,"I need something to wear" outfit.
    The color of that cardigan is sooo lovely. I love that mustard kind of color and your watch is lovely! You got you a good man! :-)

  2. @Amma Mama- don't you love putting on something that you KNOW makes you look smoking hot? I do, lol, don't mind the accompanying compliments either. I'll tell my bf bat the compliment, he loves to hear them!

  3. This is such a beautiful outfit! And I love that you mentioned "a bloated day," because that is my biggest problem!