Keep 'Em Coming...Protective with a Twist

Hello Everyone!

I had to post some pictures from this half-protective style I rocked this past weekend at a networking event and at my sorority meeting.  I got compliments from friends and sorors on the hairstyle.  NOTE: I always take a hairstyle as being "really cute" when my sorors compliment me on it since the majority of them are relaxed.  Thus, I figure "I must have really done it!" LOL

The style is an oldie-but-goodie remix.  The style was done on twist-out hair.  The back has my usual kimmaytube inspired twist & roll back.  This time, instead of including the front of my hair in the roll back or bumping it, I just left it out for bangs.  Here are the pics...

I got the headband in the style from my favorite store (Anthropologie).  The addition of the headband really jazzed up the style.  The plus to the style is that it works on a variety of lengths also and it's protective!  Try it and I know you'll love it! Click here for a link to the original video post from kimmaytube's youTube channel.

So now I'm a vegetarian

I've been experiencing some LIFE CHANGES!  I decided to be a semi-vegetarian (right now I do eat seafood) some time in February.  I have not eaten meat since March 1, 2010.  I have been STRUGGLING trying to find some TASTY/AFFORDABLE vegetarian options without having to go out to eat.  I'm happy to say that I experienced my first home cooked DELICIOUS vegetarian meal on Monday!  I made a "Spicy Peanut Soup" by Ellie Krieger.

Side Note: If you're a foodie and you don't know who Ellie Krieger is, please click her name, she has AWESOME healthy food options and 2 cookbooks with recipes full of delicious.  She also eats EVERYTHING, pork, steak, deviled eggs and puts a healthy twist on them all!

Ok, so like I said, the soup came out great.  However, cooking it was a bit of a struggle...I had to dice 1 onion, 2 carrots and a red pepper.  I also had to cube a sweet potato, mince garlic and grate ginger.  Finally, once all of the veggies, broth & spices were in the pot I had to PUREE the soup.  This was a special pain since I don't have an immersion blender.  Thus, I transferred the soup to my small blender in about 20-1/2 cup increments.

It was so worth it!  Even my boyfriend, who is NOT a vegetarian enjoyed the meal.  We were both left satisfied and were excited about the next day's dinner - WOOT!

For those of you interested in the soup's recipe you can check out Ellie's first cook book, The Food You Crave, or click here for a link to the recipe.

And I call her...STUBBORN

In a recent post I briefly mentioned just letting my hair 'Do What it Do' well, I thought I'd share a pic or two...brace yourself...

I realized I couldn't do much to "shape it, so I decided to pull it up on top of my head using a stretchy headband I got at H&M, I got the following results:

It's my little brother in the pic with me, he can't keep a straight face.  Anyway, the point is even when my hair is stubborn, it still turns out super fab...SOMETIMES, lol!

Did you know...

I think my "creative juices" for hair are dwindling (only for the moment), thus I've been shifting gears towards other things like music, food or REALLY my eating lifestyle and a balanced work out, while still working, living, loving, volunteering and spending QT with loved ones.  GEESH, that's a lot!

Anywho, I care about more things than HAIR (believe it or not)'s something I recently have fallen in love with...well, I've always loved Jill Scott but this new song speaks to me.  There will be more to come about my other life ventures soon...

Long Hair Don't Care...

This weekend, I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.  While shopping, I noticed the cute braided hair styles of the sales associates.  One had one side-braid with some bangs, another had the hair out/down with a thick braid tightly pinned back...and while I was admiring their hair...I think I was becoming dare I say...JEALOUS!  LOL!!!

I actually went back home and did a side braid myself (which had NO hang time), and styled my twists towards the front for my lil' bang.  I said to myself "long hair don't care!" It was quite funny, my BF was laughing WITH ME!

Speaking of long hair...the lack of this makes quick protective styles difficult at times.  I'm wondering if any medium hair length peeps have some quick PROTECTIVE go-to styles?  I had THE WORSE sitch today: I washed/conditioned last night.  I woke up in the morning and needed a quick protective style.  It was somewhat of a slight tragedy, but I lived - OBVIOUSLY! *My thick hair does not bun well, and my afro puffs do not fit under hard hats*  I've referenced one from kimmaytube before, but I'm wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions for quick styles for non-bunnable hair.  If so, please share!

It's Been a While, But I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

I've been missing blogging.  I've been away for a sorority conference, and last weekend it was my brother's birthday, so I relaxed with my family.  I've also been enjoying the lovely warm weather the East Coast has been getting.  Needless to say, I've been chilling and loving every bit of it!

Every year, for sorority conference, we  have a fancy gala where we dress up.  I wore a dress I got from Anthropologie along with a gorgeous broach that I also got from Anthro.  The style was a typical back french roll pin with a front side hump.


Sorry the pics are a little blurry, I always take pics with my camera phone and these were taken at the hotel - venue change/lighting change yields different picture outcomes.  I LOVE putting broaches, flowers, etc. in my hair.  This look reminds me of Billie Holiday because she always wore something in her hair.  SIMPLY CLASSIC! 

For a preview of what's to come...warm letting my hair do what it wants and moisture challenges...Peace.