26 of 30: The "weirdo" look

T-shirt dress worn as shirt - French Connection; Jeggings - Joe's; Blazer - Banana; Shoes - Urban; Broach - Anthro; Necklace - Anthro

Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December everyone! It was raining like cats and dogs most of today and the sun just broke out around 3. I quickly ran outside to take my pictures and it happened - I got the "weirdo" look. I've been taking pictures of myself with a timer and a tripod for 80% of my 30 for 30 outfits. I take my pictures in Philadelphia on a local neighborhood street that pretty much always has some bystander(s) watching me take my pictures. The comments I get vary...here are some of my favorite examples...

"How old are you?" -- Conversation continues and they explain that I remind them of their 16-year old daughter...yep, that's a good one!
"Do you want me to take that one for you?" -- No thanks, ::thinking, it would probably more work to take it off the tripod and get you to take one:: but I do appreciate the sincerity!
::Laughter, pure laughter:: -- YES! I'm glad someone else finds humor in this, because I too think it's pretty ridiculously funny!
::Weirdo, what are you doing...weirdo:: -- AND? You can't please everyone ::sigh::

Today I got the "weirdo" look, from a man who was probably walking home after a visit to the gym. I simply smiled at him and went on about my business. I've come to recognize that it is weird to most people for someone to stand in front of a camera posing with a fabulous outfit on. I actually only think it's normal because I do it every day, but I know it's outside the norm for most people, so I've accepted all the comments, and looks, laughter...even the "weirdo" ones.

PS - I know I would give me a weirdo look sometimes with my awkward poses #notamodel
PSS - No wind fan in the first pic, it's au natural! LOL


  1. Funny! Can you imagine the looks you'd get if you put a wind fan out there, too?

    Gosh, that color's gorgeous on you as is the outfit.

    You're almost at the end of the challenge and each of your outfits has been so different and gorgeous.

  2. Lol @the wind fan comment! Now THAT would raise an eyebrow or two. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you switch up your outfits everyday. You have inspired me to keep my credit cards in my wallet, better yet at home!

  3. I think I've gotten many of those comments too, but usually because I take photos of many of the things I eat. It does get awkward in restaurants sometimes. My mom thinks people might think I'm some food critic when really I'm just remembering/documenting the meal! lol

    * Your 30 days is almost up. Loving your will-power and stamina.

  4. If taking daily photos of ourselves in fabulous outfits were the norm, we might all be a lot happier. I love this outfit!

  5. I love that lipstick color on you, what's the brand? Did you ever check out the L'Oreal one?
    I love this outfit, great job with the layering!! You are definitely giving everyone the model look right now. Vogue!! ;)

    btw: When I'm taking picture and see people looking at me. I just wave, pose and smile harder..Lol

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @ Alessandra- a wind fan was actually on my Christmas Wish List, I'll have to scratch that one now! Jk, lol

    @ Mrs. J- thanks girl, I haven't tried your L'Oreal color yet! This lipstick is actually a mix of two Mac colors, Verve and Dark Side...This is my first time trying, will definitely give this one a try again!

  7. That's hilarious. I applaud you for having such thick skin. I get SO embarrassed when I'm taking my self-timer pictures in public. :(

    Lovely outfit, btw!