27 of 30: Struggle Mode

Dress worn as top - J. Crew; Sweater - Anthro; Boots - Anthro; Leggings - Plush; Scarf - Urban; Belt - Sample; Earrings - Gift

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have to be honest with you guys, this last week of outfits has been a STRUGGLE! I've been on a serious struggle mode for outfits 24, 25, 26, 27 and counting. Today's outfit was the tipping point of the struggle. Why? Well, recently it's been tough getting dressed in this cold weather with the 30 items I picked. Two of the 3 dresses are thin, and I only chose 2 long-sleeve tops. The weather gets down to the low 30's at night. Today's outfit posed a serious threat in that it asked for a lot:
  1. Warmth -- Necessary in the colder months, especially since I'm going to a game in an OUTDOOR stadium
  2. Comfort -- I'm attending the Eagles v. Texans game tonight
  3. Style -- Always a given
I changed 3 times, which is really a lot considering that I only had 3 other options. Anyway, the real struggle with this outfit is in the fact that I'm wearing leggings with a dress-turned-tunic. I'm not sure if I've done this successfully. However, I just said "whatevs, these leggings are super-warm, the cardigan is warm, and my 'stuff' is covered." After 20 minutes of debating with myself I decided to take the pictures and wear this outfit. So there you have it!

For the other remixers, is it just me? Do you find that the more you progress, the harder things get (specifically in your last week)?

For everyone, feel free to tell me if I'm totally wrong, or if you would give me a pass. Since I already know I'm somewhat wrong, I'll take it like a pro!


  1. I love this! You look comfortable and cute - a winning combination. I know what you mean about struggling though. I'm bored of my options and tired of remixing!

  2. Struggling, your not alone with that one! I guess it's because the end is near for the challenge. So now it's starting to get harder to remix, but you still did a wonderful look and remix! Great Job!! ;)

  3. i need that sweater. or maybe i just want it. too cool!

  4. @ Mrs. J - thanks for the support!