Bad hair day

Sweater Dress - Nordstrom (2006); Tights - Hue; Boots - Thrifted; Scarf (on my head) - Gift; Necklace - Anthro; Earrings -  Mango (Philly Boutique)

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So the story really started on Sunday, when I started taking my mini-braids down around 3 pm. I thought, "Great, I'll be done taking these down by the end of today!" Well guys, I finished HALF of my head on Sunday, and I wasn't feeling so hot Monday - winter cold. Although I feel much better today, sometime between Sunday and today my hair has become a half-unbraided/half-braided big hair MESS!

I had this beautiful bohemian look planned for today. It was warm, flowy and just awesome. Then, once I realized that I wasn't done with my hair, I knew I needed SOMETHING to cover it. The cover - this scarf - did not work with the bohemian look. I threw this together in 2 minutes for an after-lunch meeting that required me to look decent. This is the final look. I feel like having some of the braids showing makes it look like perhaps I did this on purpose as opposed to: "ALERT! BAD HAIR DAY!" Plus, turbans are totally hip this season.

Today was a bad hair day, but I think I made the best of it. Looking at the pictures, it's not so bad to me...I would venture to show you what's lurking under the scarf, but I don't want to scare anyone. I'll have a hair update coming after I take these braids out...which is now worse than putting them in!

I decided to make a quick vid to show you how I tied my scarf - enjoy!


  1. This is an amazing look! I love sweater dresses and I love this complete ensemble on you. I also think that wrapped hair is super chic. The bangs really set it off too.

  2. I like the accessories! The scarf looks great as well, the look has got style on it's own. It doesn't have to be restricted to messy hair days.

  3. this ensemble looks great. at first i just thought you were wearing a hat. the turban gives a nice pseudo-gypsy vibe. success!

    i got extension braids put in three weeks ago and they are already started to look kind of a mess (I think I am sabotaging them because I miss my hair!), so this tutorial will come in handy!

  4. Yes turban! I love this turban trend, fashion is a funny thing, huh? Yes my mom showed me the e-mail, thanks for the heads up! I was tickled when I saw my picture on her post. I follow The Moptop Maven too! Haha, how cool! Nice blog miss lady!

  5. You look great rocking a turban, I love this whole entire look very classy and chic. The jewelry your wearing is beautiful!! ;)

  6. Thanks everyone.

    @ Camille Acey - I was thinking that I was channeling a gypsy vibe after I saw the pics :)