Announcing Festive Week!

Ok guys, I've totally been hit with the Christmas spirit! After seeing this post, all I have wanted to do is dress up in pretty, festive wear, and so that's just what I'm going to do! That's one of many benefits to having a blog - you can dress up and always have an excuse for it...errr...the blog.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 22 through Saturday, December 25, I'm going to show outfit posts in my most "festive" wear. Festive does not necessarily mean red and green - it's gold, silver, white, black, sparkly and whatever else makes your heart flutter with holiday spirit! Each day I will add a sappy sweet story to say something I'm grateful for. After all, the holidays are about giving, celebrating and loving.

I really don't plan on shopping to support this week, so I'm going to stick to things in my closet. I hope to surprise myself with the looks I pull together from old faithfuls.


  1. tomorrow is tuesday december 21... my birthday! lol just felt like i should let you know

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  2. I feel so flattered that my festive post inspired you even a little bit. Can't wait to see your party looks!