It's harder than you think

Pictures from a few photo shoots for the "Holiday" cards I've yet to send out...I know it's February

I've never gone this long without posting anything to this blog - no farewell, no hiatus message. Sorry that I kind of fell off there. It was harder than expected to balance everything. School started, blessings poured in, I've had some ups, and some downs, some triumphs, and some failures. In a nutshell: life continued to happen.

Here's where I stand: I am almost 75% done with the first year of my MBA, and it has been quite eventful. It's a two-year program, so it goes by quickly. This time is proving to be a truly pivotal point in my life from both a personal and professional standpoint. My MBA is doing exactly what I wanted - providing me with the tools to do what I love, and still live the way I'd like to live. I'm growing a lot more than I expected - it's good. I'll be at Target in Minneapolis this summer working as a Buyer Intern. I'm super stoked, and I look forward to the experience.

From a personal side, I'm dating someone! He's a classmate of mine, and I think he's wonderful - encouraging, challenging, supportive, spiritual - all of the things I prayed for. Having the experience of getting to know him has been a blessing.

Naja is also well. She's a whopping 2.5 years old and is talking more and more every day. I feel like I'm a mom of a full-fledged little kid. My baby is growing up! Some of her favorite things include: talking to strangers, dancing to Pharell's Happy, watching TV (I hate to admit it, but it's true), painting, and cooking. Is she potty trained yet? No. Does she use the potty regularly? Yes, sometimes. She's in school three days a week for half a day, and my mom watches her the rest of the day, and when I'm at school. She is loving life right now.

There's a bit more to tell, but I'll save it for later ;). I'm going to do my best to stay connected.  How have you all been?