Urkel/Color Blocking Twist Updo Tutorial

I follow a handful on channels on youTube. I specifically enjoy following channels of loc'd folks, because they are very creative with style options. Since I wear twists all the time, I find that I can adapt a lot of the loc hairstyles for my twists. Marktastic0 is a contributor to chescalocs channel, and he has shorter locs. I like his tutorials a lot. I followed his tutorial to a tee for the hair style shown in my Color Blocking and Grandma Urkel posts. Enjoy!

Click here for a link to the original video post.
Click here for a link to Marktastic0's channel.
Click here for a link to chescalocs channel.


  1. I may have to try that and guess what I have decided to LOC my hair. Now I have to find someone to do it..lol :)

  2. @ Mrs J - NO way - you'll look FABULOUS with locs!!! I'm so excited for you :)