Three things from my week that made me smile:

1. The Adjustment Bureau (and not just because Matt Damon is one of my secret loves)

2. Apple Crumble Pie with chocolate glaze, a shot of caramel and toffee ice cream - dessert from Max Brenner's Restaurant in Philly

3. Cookie bouquet from a new and awesome friend


  1. 1) I want to see that movie, may have to do a movie trip this weekend!
    2) I'm drooling over here...bad sweet tooth!
    3) Awesome friend and funny cookies...the BEST!!

  2. You have good taste in Matt Damon! Have a great weekend lady!

  3. The cookie bouquet is ADORABLE!

  4. I'll still send you something even though your not doing the "Pay It Forward". Since you are my Anthro buddy and blogging partner in crime!! :)

  5. @ MRS J - YES! Girl that is going to land you right here on a smile post, because I'm sure I'll love it!!