Coral lace

Top - Urban; Tank - Anthro; Skirt - Thrifted; Boots - Aldo; Necklaces - Urban; Frames - Urban; Hair - Mini twists in french braid

Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011

This weekend I decided to really go for the maxi look, right? LOL, I promise, I only have one other maxi look in my recent purchases. Both the skirt and the top are new editions to my closet. I got the skirt from a Salvation Army in Lancaster, PA (thanks to Marie for telling me about the AWESOME thrift possibilities out there) for $4.99. I got the top from Urban, and it was $44.00 - but I got a discount for it because I have a "friend discount" there, which is totally legal. I feel like it may sound shady... Anyway, the skirt was one of two finds that I found at the thrift store, and I am really pleased with it! Additionally, this shirt was the first time that I've been able to hop on the whole lace trend, so I also love it. Coral is an awesome color for spring that will transition well to summer. Speaking of spring, it was in the high 40s on Sunday and it really felt like spring, warm weather, please stay for a while!


  1. This outfit is sooo cute. I love the softness of the pink sweater. Looks like a winner!

  2. I LOVE and WANT that lace top!! I'm so excited that you found some great pieces in Lancaster. You have to check out Harrisburg too!!

  3. You need to try a colorful scarf in your next look. I know you can do it!! As for my legs it's a mixture of genes and walking a LOT!! :)

  4. @ Mrs J - I don't think I can do it, I think I feel like it makes my (already massive) breasts look more massive. IDK, maybe I'm just delusional. Still - get it on the legs!

  5. Such pretty colors! Love the whole outfit!

    Can I get a discount though? lol jk