The fingertip rule

Shirt - Anthro; Dress - J. Crew; Tights - Urban; Shoes - Anthro; Frames - Urban

Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Growing up, I had to wear uniforms for a couple of the schools I attended. I remember wearing kilts to school, and always getting them hemmed in the beginning of the year so that they were a little bit cute. Mid-calf skirts were not stylish in the 90s. Back then, I used the fingertip rule to deem whether or not my skirt was too short...

I was self-conscious about my dress the entire day. I felt like the wind was blowing it up and away, Marilyn Monroe style. However my friend re-assured me that I was fine. So, I thought, "This is fine, and surely this dress passes the fingertip rule." about it doesn't! I clearly thought I passed the rule, now that I see these pictures, I just hope I didn't look ridiculous. Oh well, the main point of me wearing the dress was getting an outfit with this dress in before I can't wear it anymore. I've decided to go ahead and hang this dress up until next spring.


  1. The dress is still cute and your fingertips are only a 1/2 inches away. Loving and jealous of the hair growth! ;)

  2. You look super cute. I love the outfit and hair!