Three things from my week that made me smile...

1. New Blog: Color Collective - the blog takes inspiration from art, designers and other photos and shows various color palettes - great for style/color inspiration.

2. Avenida Restaurant in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia: small-business, locally owned and sustainable. Pictured below: Grilled octopus with mixed greens, avocado, garlic and tequila-roasted tomato sauce; Coconut Tres Leches with Mango Sorbet.

3. Red Velvet Cupcakery. Pictured below: Vanilla Bean Cupcake


  1. All of these foods look really yummy. They would make me smile too. I like how you're looking for good things every week. It's inspiring. Even in an "ugh" week, there's always good around too. We just have to take a moment to recognize it. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  2. @ Libby - I'm so glad you said that! This post really encourages me to find some positives throughout my week - definitely a plus, and something I need! :)