Top - Target; Dress worn as Skirt - Urban; Blazer - Banana; Boots - Cavenders; Hair - Mini Twists in Bun

Date: Saturday, February 26, 2011

I realized that I love everything maxi. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, if there was a maxi food dish I'm sure I'd love that too. In order for me to fully appreciate my love of maxi's, I did some shopping because I have been having some MAJOR clothing malfunctions recently. I haven't done any serious shopping since the fall season, so I was definitely due to get some new items in rotation. In this outfit - the dress (worn as skirt) is new, I got it for $19.99 from Urban - score! Everything else is at least two years old. I love this dress because I can wear it in the winter, and in the summer! I must admit that I stole this idea from Jessica. Originally, I searched for a floral maxi skirt to get the look, but when I realized I could just turn this dress into a skirt, I was ECSTATIC! To my surprise, Jessica did the same thing in her rendition. Another score in my book!


  1. Hello, gorgeous! You are rocking a tricky look, props.

  2. @From Suns To Moons - thanks!

  3. Love the dress (worn as a skirt)! love maxi anything as well!! I'm still looking for a few in particular, but I can't even find cheap enough ones haha!