50's Trendy

Dress - Vintage Hand Me Down; Cardigan - BCBG (2005); Stockings - Berkshire (Utopia); Socks - Target; Pumps - Anthro; Broach - Anthro; Belt - Urban; Hair - Mini-twists

Date: Thursday, March 3, 2011

It was really courageous of me to try the whole sock with pumps trend. Jen does it SO WELL, and I love it whenever I see it in magazines, or on other style bloggers. However, I have been scared to try the look myself, until Thursday! Last week, I started pulling some spring items out of winter storage and came across this dress. I thought - perfect, how can I make this vintage dress work with this trend? It did take me a little while to get a final look together, but I do LOVE IT!!!

Have any of you tried a trend that "scared you" recently? If so, how did it turn out?

PS - this was my first time taking pictures with my new remote, and I was STRUGGLING!!! It was funny looking back at all of these awkward poses. I was never sure if I was actually taking the pic.

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