Chambray Goes with Everything

Shirt - J. Crew; Skirt - Anthro; Shoes - Anthro (2008)

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday's weather was the most wonderful touch of spring - weather in the 70s. I think I got caught up, and thought it was still in the 70s on Saturday, and it wasn't. There was a high of 60 and a low of 35. I normally don't show off my legs in temperatures below 60. However, I really liked the idea of my chambray top with my (size 10) pencil skirt - I swear that's the only reason it fit, and it was still a little snug, but comfortable. I really liked the look with bare legs, so I braved the weather, and it actually wasn't that bad!

This weekend, I caught up on my magazine browsing and I love that denim is in this spring. Another plus, is that it literally goes with EVERYTHING! This top has a bit more ways to go as I grow, I'm going to make sure I get good use out of it!

PS - What do you think about my curly hair? I kept it like this for a remarkable two days - I twisted everything up on Monday. My hair doesn't like being out long...but I'll have more on that with some close up shots later this week.


  1. Your tiny little belly is so gorgeous. I love the body in your hair. It looks like a really smooth roller set..........are you going to divulge the details?!!

  2. @Jc - Thank you - I'm finally starting to look like something, which I'm happy about. I am going to dish all the details on the roller set later this week!

  3. How did you achieve this look with your hair? Cute outfit, although I was also upset to wake up to snow yesterday morning :(( It's also supposed to snow tomorrow as well -_-


    Anywho, you better wear a size 10 wit cho skinny self lol. I love my some denim, it can be worn all year long easily! Love the floral pop, once it gets warm, I'll only be wearing bright bold colors! Can't wait!


  4. Love the curls! Yay, your going to do a tutorial..I miss your videos.
    You already know I love this denim shirt paired with the floral skirt. I wish spring would come faster!!

    ps. Thank you for the compliment I have been smiling ever since! :D

  5. Love the prints in this fabric. Too cute!

    Honestly, the curls were the first thing I noticed as I scrolled down. Love the look. You look great!

  6. hair looks so cute! What did you do to style it that way?

  7. Thanks everyone! I plan on posting details on how I achieved the style later this week. In short, I roller set my hair using snap-on magnetic rollers from Sally's. I'll have pictures of the rollers and links to them in that post!