I'm going to start a new weekly series on Fridays called "Smile" that highlights three things throughout my week that made me smile, hence the name of the post. I think it will be a nice way to kick off the weekend moving forward. It also may encourage me to read a photography's to hoping.

PS - Although I'd like to take credit for the idea, another blogger that I follow does something similar every Friday. What a great way to end your work week and start the weekend!

1. New music by Adele and Corinne Bailey Rae

2. Week-old flowers that are still beautiful

3. A remote controller for outfit pics


  1. I love this idea! Adele's album is so great! I've been playing it all week.

  2. I had no idea CBR had a new album... thanks Mo!

  3. Adele's new album is GOLD! Definitely makes me smile too (and dance all over the house).

  4. Guess what after I sent you that Facebook message, I received a sweet surprise! My husband bought me Adele's "19","21" and Marsha Ambrosius "Late Nights and Early Mornings" off of Itunes. :) BTW: I thought "The Sea" was Corinne new album?? I have to check this one out!!

    ps. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment and maybe I can find my G-ma turban pattern. :)

  5. I had Adele's album on CONSTANT ROTATION this entire week - I love it!

    @ Mrs J - Hubby ROCKS!!! Marsha is next on my list of "new music". Also, This CBR disc is a partial album with 5 tracks, still - I love it!!! All new songs too.

  6. Absolutely love, love, LOVE Adele's new album. I always feel a little torn because I downloaded it off of itunes hence I do not have the actual CD. I'm old school like that wishing I had the CD but loving the convenience of automatic itunes download.

    BTW, had no idea about a new CBR - will definitely be checking that out! Thanks for the heads up.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Ok, I think you and I should be friends in real life! I love Corinne Bailey Rae, if CDs could wear out my copy of her first album would have been replaced multiple times! I also love Adele's music, what a voice! Great series by the way.