Curly Shirley & 3in6 Update

Both of my outfit posts this week feature my "Curly Shirley" hairstyle. To achieve this style, I did a simple roller set using the snap-on magnetic rollers pictured below.

These snap-on magnetic rollers are ideal for my kinky hair, because the snap-piece helps smooth my kinks to achieve this curly look. I bought the rollers from Sally's for $2.29 for a pack of 8. I set my hair on freshly washed and detangled hair. I used my Denman to smooth each section of hair before rolling it. I used the medium (pink) rollers in the front, and the back. I used the small (green) rollers on the sides. I prefer the medium size, so next time I try this style, I plan on buying more in the medium (pink) size. I can't remember exactly how many rollers I used, but I believe I used somewhere around 30 rollers. Rolling my hair took about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Since I started this style at midnight, I slept in the rollers and sat under a dryer in the morning to ensure my hair was dry. It was of the utmost importance that I made sure my hair was 100% dry for the style to come out. It was equally important to choose small sections. I applied my usual moisturizer/sealant of Aloe Vera Gel and Castor Oil after the wash to each detangled section, and used Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter on each rolled section to set my curls. Here are some pictures.

Unfortunately, it rained on Monday, and since I work outside and wear a hard hat, my hair was on the road to ruins. Since I knew it would start to kink quickly, and become difficult to manage, I did some chunky twists on Monday. Thus, I'm back into my protective styles!

3in6 Update
Now for the official update. I know what you're thinking..."Wait - I thought you HAD to wear protective styles for the challenge." Well - Loo has graciously allowed us two one-week periods to wear our hair out. I rarely wear my hair out for more than 2 days anyway, so I just used this week as one of my weeks. This is what my hair styling looked like for weeks 5-8...

Weeks 5, 6 & 7: I wore mini-twists.
Week 8: I started off with this roller set, and will wrap things up with some chunky two-strand twists done on dry hair.

PS - I definitely think I have gained some length, I will get around to a length check some time around week 9.


  1. I love you hair. It's so versatile and always looks great! I would like to try roller setting my hair, which I haven't done in the 3 years I've been natural. I need to get a hood dryer. Which one do you use?

  2. @ Moni - thank you!! I bought my Gold n' Hot hooded dryer YEARS ago. Looks like they cost $40-50. Here's a link:

  3. Perfection! I can't wait until my hair grows so I can try this style! :o)

  4. The final result is gorgeous. I cannot envision sleeping in rollers though.

    You definitely have gained some length, it shows in the body of your hair.

  5. So cute! The hair is def growing! I'm gna try this style at some point, and clearly will be shouting you out for putting me on!


  6. I really like the rollerset. Will have to try this soon. @ Moni, you can also check out Sally beauty supply, I got my Ion hooded dryer there. Same price range, $40-50.

  7. Very nice! I'm gonna try a roller set soon. Do you think you'll make a video tutorial in the future? If not, do you have any YouTube videos you looked at for guidance?

  8. @ mangomadness - Thank you! I didn't do any recording to make a video, so I don't know. I'll see if I can squeeze something in before I go into my next protective style. The youTuber I referred to for roller sets has removed her videos since then :(. If I find one - I'll post a link!