Three things from my week that made me one quote my pastor said in church on Sunday - I've been meditating on it all week, "God's delays are not God's denials."

1. Weather in the 70s accompanied by a 5-mile run on the Wissahickon Trail. Note: It felt a lot better DURING the run than after.

2. BumbleBeads: Awesome jewelry store in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia that allows you to purchase beads, chains, et al to create your own jewelry. They provide you with the tools to create - you bring creativity to make it happen. They also do parties and offer jewelry making courses. I went there to make a hoop nose ring - I wanted a wire with a very thin gauge.

3. Roller's Express-O in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Picture below: Challah French Toast stuffed with Nutella, served with strawberries for $7.75. If you didn't know, Nutella is my first love.


  1. You have no idea how much I needed to hear what you're pastor said. Thanks for sharing it because it's what I need to meditate on too! xx

  2. If your going to spend this much time in my neighborhood, (when my home construction is finished) you'll have to visit :o) P.S. I've had a beading party before, and it was SO MUCH FUN....drinks appetizers, and jewelry....

  3. @ jhenny53 - I stay in Chestnut Hill on the weekends, it still gives me "the city" but without all the hustle and bustle of center city!

  4. My quote for this month has been changed...I really needed to hear that!

    1) You GO Girl..5 miles I could never do it! :)
    2) I need to find that place ASAP
    3) I may try and make that this week.. I have a new Nutella in the