An Ode to Pants

SN: Yesterday, I felt inspired to write - this does not happen often. FYI, this post is random, and irrelevant to most of you. However, for those of you who plan to have children, take this as a heads up - a fair warning to let you know about the pros and cons of maternity pants. Note that this "written word" is all in fun - serious (almost) not joking fun!

As I got up and got dressed, I looked in the mirror and this is what I thought...Maternity pants, I loathe you. It was all good in the beginning, and it has continued to go downhill from there.

Maternity pants, I loathe you. You make me look like I have a man crotch. How did I miss this in the dressing room? Perhaps it was your stretchy top that didn't suffocate my growing belly. Now, although comfortable, I'm sure I leave bystanders very confused.

Maternity pants, I loathe you. You slide down during the day, causing me to have to reach under my top and pull you up. I'm sure this leaves people wondering if I know how to wear proper under garments.

Maternity pants, I loathe you. I should have gotten you in long, instead I got you in regular. Now, I look like I have a man crotch, don't know how to wear the proper under garments and wear floods.

To you maternity pants - I love to hate you and hate to love you.

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  1. Okay, here's my seasoned tip for surviving the second trimester in pants without the stress of maternity pants (in four pregnancies I have only bought one pair of maternity pants and that was with Zion). Okay, are you ready for this....?

    If you can still fit your regular pants (butt and hips which on me hardly grew at all during pregnancy) but just can't button them all you have to do is invest on some of those ponytail holders without the metal clasp in them. Take the ponytail holder and loop it around the button on your pants then thread it through the button hole and loop it a second time around the button. It holds the top of your pants together while providing much needed stretch. Wear a long top, or layer a shorter top over a longer tank top to hide the gap. They also sell belly bands which are just a wide band of fabric that you can wear over the top of your pants and tummy that mimics a layered look and helps support a growing belly. Hope this helps!