Product Review: Tangle Teezer

If some of you are looking at this title with your jaw-dropped, understand that I too fall in with the band wagons at times. I just felt like I had to try this item for myself due to the large amount of rave reviews, along with the handful of not so great reviews. I only review products when I have used them on at least 3 occasions. I also like to put some reviews out there for comparisons on 4b hair, however I'm not really a product junkie, so I rarely feel the urge to try a new product. *I bought the TT several months ago, in March or April. Here's my review...

Cost: $9.99 from Sally's

Aesthetics: The product came in a plastic cube-like container. It comes in hot pink and black, I bought the hot pink TT. It's made out of plastic, is comfortable to hold on to, and has flexible bristles. I also like that you can easily tell how much hair I was removing with the hot pink color against my dark brown hair.
My Application: I used this product on four occasions. I used it to help detangle my hair on wet hair, and I also used it for a dry detangle.
PROS: The dry detangle gave me the PERFECT blow out look. My hair was well-detangled, and cute as it was just detangled. The wet detangle did appear to give my hair a better detangle.
CONS: This thing ripped my hair out! On the dry detangle, some hair strands were removed from the root, and some also came out in small pieces. When I write REMOVED I mean it - they weren't shed hairs. On the wet detangle, I found that it created a lot more tension at my roots. I experienced more hair loss using the TT when compared with my Denman. The noise that it made when combing through my hair was not enjoyable either.

Bottom Line: While the TT was wonderful for giving my hair a perfectly blown out look, it wreaked havoc on my strands. If you don't care about breakage - I'd say go for it, your hair will definitely be cute! If retention and overall health is a goal of yours, I say pass, but you'll probably try it for yourself. I gave my TT to a friend. I may buy another one, just because I do put aesthetics over health at times. *Shrug*


  1. Oh, I wondered about this product. I didn't realize it was at Sally's. I always thought it was some special order item. Great review. I'll just stick to what I'm doing already, thank you very much. :)

  2. This is interesting. I have a TT and have used it exclusively for a few months and I really like it. My hair sheds like crazy and I feel like the TT is the only thing I've used so far that really gets all those hairs out. I very rarely use it on my dry hair, and I only wash about every two weeks or so, so maybe that's it? I felt way more tugging on my hair using my Denman-like (lol) brush, but I've heard from a couple people that the TT really pulls their hair. You think maybe it's the difference in hair texture? Like it doesn't glide through coarser hair as easily so it pulls? I'm going to really pay attention to how it feels on my head next time I wash cause I'm definitely not trying to stunt my growth!

  3. @Samantha - I'm not sure what it is, I do know my hair is full of kinks/coils/turns, so maybe that's why it pulled out unnecessary hairs. I think the small bristles may have been too much for my strands too. The Denman bristles don't break my individual strands (possibly due to spacing) - but this surely did. Let me know how it goes for you the second time around. I know I've seen lots of mixed reviews on the TT...some do love it!

  4. I'm pretty scared to try this since I have curly/kinky hair(possible tangles). Plus I barely have to use my Denman brush, but twice a month. I'll probably just stick to my regular routine.

  5. I have 4b hair and I like the TT. I used the denman and like Samatha I felt that it tugged and my pulled my hair out. I don't see split end with my TT as I did with the denman. I have to use the TT in small sections though it doesn't seem to do well with my hair not in sections. So far so good with the TT but only with loads of conditioner!