What NOT to say to an expecting woman

I've accumulated several handfuls of funny stories since I've been expecting. Instead of writing about it in an outfit post - I decided to create a quick video to highlight some things that people have said to me. This is really random, it's meant to be light-hearted and funny. Enjoy!

Wonder how my style's progressed? I updated my Pregnant Style File page with my Month 7 looks - check it out!


  1. That was so funny, my favorite part was the stomach touch. I can't believe someone would feel comfortable enough to do something so crazy.

    This video should be spread to every pregnant women in the world..lol

  2. @Mrs. J - I was surprised that she touched me, I was like - I know you remind me about my Wellness card, but really - you just touched me!!! lol, She's nice so I just smiled and went on about my business.

  3. BAHHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA stop it right now! I'm over here dyinggg!

    I posted this video to my tumblr, you are hilarious!

    That is so real though! Ppl lose their cot daggone minds for some reason in regards to pregnant women! I never understood why ppl think it's ok to touch, grab, rub a woman's belly. Like WHO ARE YOU, STOP TOUCHING ME. I would flip. That one would SO NOT fly with me haha!

    lolol so real!