Three things from my week that made me smile...

1. Strictly Stiching - Etsy site. Remember I told you about my friend who's AMAZING, and she made a blanket for my little Naja? Well - you should check out her Etsy site, she has a variety of crocheted blankets...who doesn't love handmade stuff?

2. X-Men: First Class. WHOA BABY! I've hinted before that I'm a nerd, well, clearly that's where the love of sci-fi makes total sense. This X-Men movie was SO GOOD! I kept saying, "Magneto is so bad ass!"

3. PYT in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. Yep - they truly deserve a spotlight, they're known for their burgers - AND they have good vegetarian and vegan ones! Pictured below: Calibunga Burger  with fries- Full flavored white bean, basil, garlic, tomato & breadcrumb patty, topped with fresh avocado, lettuce & caramelized onion "special sauce" with fries.

1 comment:

  1. 1) Awww...I want to learn how to crochet. I'm waiting for my mother-in-law to teach me.

    2) I'm such a sci-fi lady myself. I loved the movie and I have seen all of the one's before it.

    3) I have to visit PYT again, I'm so jealous of you being so close. :)