This is going to be a special "Smile" post because I have more than three things to smile about. I received this 1970's dresser set from a sorority sister's biological sister - Cost: $0.

L to R: TOP - Hutch, Night Stand, Chest; BOTTOM - Dresser, Handle Close-up *The hutch is supposed to go on top of the dresser

The furniture is in WONDERFUL shape! I think it was originally purchased at Ethan Allen back in the 1970's. I want to repurpose everything because I really don't like the pale yellow color. Right now, I plan on turning the hutch into a bookshelf for Naja. I should be able to make it sturdy by adding a wood board to the bottom for some additional support. I plan on using the dresser and chest for my bedroom furniture. Finally, I'll use the nightstand as a stand in my "family room area." Considering that - I think you'll see three totally different looks at the end of this repurposing project.

I really need some help with what color to paint the dresser and chest for my room. Originally I was going for cool tones in my room, but I scored a BEAUTIFUL coral duvet at a sample sale. It has a variety of coral colors - I'm not sure if I should dye it...This totally changes my room colors/themes.

If you have any ideas for inspiration let me know. I'm going to do some brainstorming myself and I'll get back to you soon! This is going to be my "maternity project". The goal is to repurpose everything before Naja arrives. Here's to hoping!


  1. Wow,these pieces are in beautiful shape, I would be smiling too! I don;t know if you follow Tam Styles of Get it Girl Style (GIGS) but she has some awesome posts of furniture pieces that she has revamped to look more modern; add a little paint, change the knobs and viola! Gorgeous. Here is the link: Enjoy!

  2. @ KikiRocksKinks - First off - love your name! Thanks for the link, I don't know about her, but I'm going to check her out now!

  3. Ah, real furniture! Beautiful, beautiful pieces! What color scheme/theme did you have in mind? I know of several blogs you might like to browse on this topic, but if I know the look you're going for, I can narrow it down on my end. Again, beautiful pieces!

    p.s. I'd love to see your rug. :-)

  4. @ Libby - why thank you! Right now, I think I'm going to stick to traditional white for the pieces in my room w/ a light blue/gray highlight on the trim. I think I may paint the nightstand black for my living room area. I'm totally lost with what to do for Naja, but I'm definitely thinking more color for her. Can't wait to see your suggestions - you know about ALL the good blogs!

  5. I love orange. :) lol just thought I would put that out there. I also heard once that yellow CAN be a netural :P

  6. @Jazzfest - I have a coral duvet cover for my bed that I'm trying to work with, it's beautiful!