Chillin like a villain

Top - Banana; Short - Anthro; Shoes - Steve Madden; Headband - Anthro

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am the queen of using corny phrases. I see absolutely nothing wrong with them - in fact, I love them! I used phrases like, "chillin like a villain" and "see  you later alligator" all the time...then I started losing friends, so I only say these phrases around close friends - just kidding (halfway). Anyway, I spent this weekend surrounded by boxes because this was my "moving weekend." Sadly, my lease is up, and I need more space for my little baby when she arrives. I truly am going to miss living in my box studio apartment.

If you didn't know - I'm delivering in Nothern Virginia where my parents live, and tele-working from there starting next week up until my due date (July 29). I'll be back in Philly after my maternity leave. While I chilled, I watched the entire Season 1 of Drop Dead Diva - it's my new favorite TV series. Seriously - I love the series - I think it's part witty, part funny, part love story and part entertaining. Everything that I need in a quality show!

PS - this headband is the same one for my 2YO Anniversary Giveaway, just in another print. How awful that is it that I got one for myself also because I love it so much? SMH.
PSS - I love how while I don't have cable, Twitter lets me know all the foolishness that goes on in modern day events #betawards, which it seems were mediocre, per usual.


  1. I wish you all the best on moving day, and I'm glad you can be with your parents for the delivery. It's great that your job has such flexibility. My aunt invited me up to Alexandria and I'll see if I'm going to be able to get there this summer.

    p.s. You know I learn my modeling skillz from you!

  2. LOL to "...then I started losing friends, so I only say these phrases around close friends - just kidding (halfway)" BAHAHAHA! Cute outfit. Saw it in person. WERQ! Love ya. xoxoxo.

  3. Have a safe move and when you come back to Philly we have to hang-out since I'm only 2 hours away. I know that's

    You look so adorable in all your poses and I would have bought a spare headband for myself too. I have yet to see Drop Dead Diva, but I heard it was pretty funny.

    ps. Bet Awards should have been the Kevin Hart show then I would have enjoyed it..Lol