Fake me out

Dress (worn as top) - Fcuk; Shorts - Arden B; Shoes - Urban; Lips - MAC (Dark Side); Bracelets - Anthro & Gift

Date: Friday, June 17, 2011

I have to make a confession. While I look totally calm and cool in this photo shoot, I was super geeked about this outift. I've explained before that I was upset that I wouldn't get the chance to do any real color blocking this summer. Why? Well - none of my bright-colored clothes fit, and we don't talk about maternity clothes here - it's just not allowed. Obviously I'm not going to buy these adorable orange shorts either in my current state. You can only imagine my excitement when I pulled out these shorts, slipped them on, and found that they fit comfortably under my big 'ol belly! CLEARLY I had to pair this with this dress that I've worn a million times before . I was super excited about all of it. Somehow I maintained a totally calm and cool photo shoot - FAKE ME OUT!

SN: In case you're wondering - I don't have my twists in anymore...so basically I've put locs on hold. I'll explain why later. I know, I changed my mind AGAIN in a two month period, but that just shows the kind of relationship we have. We = me and my hair.


  1. I LOVE your HOOP!! I need to redo my nose piercing. Go head with the cool color-blocking you look fabulous.

    Your allowed to change your mind. I'm really considering a BC again until I can take care of my hair.

  2. @ Libby & Mrs J - thank you.

    @ Mrs. J - I always feel weird when I wear the hoop...like it doesn't fit my face well. This was a real stretch for me! I want to cut it all off for ease, but I know I REALLY want length just for kicks...I think your hair always looks great though :)

  3. *failing at containing my excitement about you taking out the locs*

    hurray to you being back on the loose hair journey! and hurray to your shorts still fitting. you are looking *too* fly, miss lady!

  4. @Camille Acey - you are too funny (re taking my locs down)!!! thank you :)