Shirt - Anthro; Skirt - Anthro; Shoes - Urban; Belt - old ???; Toes - OPI (The "It" Color) 

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now that I'm done talking about my shower, we can go back to our regular scheduled program. Let's talk about how I look really pregnant one day, and not so pregnant the next. Or, let's talk about how I'm mixing two prints, and mixing black and brown. I'm such a rebel! Really though, making whole people disappear (yes, I'm referring to my child), and mixing all of those no no's...I think I got chills!


  1. I mix prints, but when I mix black & brown people always think I'm a little crazy or say things like "only you could pull that off".

    PS: I saw you in Whole Foods yesterday & it was a little weird because I had to think where I knew you from then realized it was from your blog.

  2. @ Latifah - It's funny how tied down to typical fashion rules ppl are. I tried to tell my aunt she could wear brown shoes with a blue suit - she thought I was nuts. She said she needed some blue pumps. RE WF: OMG that's SO FUNNY! Next time you see me please say hello, lol. I know I was looking tired and BUSTED yesterday too, lol!!!

  3. for my birthday I wore a black mini dress & brown boots, when I told my cowokers & sister what I planned to wear they all frowned until they saw a pic. They all loved it, but still said it looked like something I would wear.

    Next time I will, I was busy trying to find aloe for my sunburn & sunblock so that it never happens again.

  4. I always mix black and brown! It looks great together (when done properly) hehe


  5. @ Latifah - great!

    @ Krisbliss - so true!