Animal Keeper

Dress (worn as top) - Fcuk; Pants - Limited (c. 2004); Shoes - Anthro; Necklace - Anthro; Bracelet - Anthro; Headband - Anthro; Ring - J. Crew; Earrings - Anthro

Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I just piled on the accessories today because I was feeling rather plain with just the top and cargo pants. This is a perfect example of how accessories can take a plain dress (turned tee) and pants, and add some EMPHASIS! I call myself the Animal Keeper today, because the bracelet reminds me of an elephant's tusks - don't worry, it's not an actual tusk - it's earthy, and it's filled with child-like shapes of elephants, turtles, seals and more! Additionally, my headband, though discrete is actually a leopard-like print. I can't stray far away from mixing prints - it's one of my loves of fashion!

This dress was in my 30 for 30 Challenge, so I've worn it a lot. I put a mini collage of the various remixes below.
Do you like seeing me reference previous remixes? Do you prefer me to link it to the remix post, or the collage like the one above. If you like the collage, I'll try to comply :). PS - I was 3+ months preggo in the last pic!


  1. love the collage! really shows how versatile simple pieces in our wardrobe can be, no matter the season! Still looking fly, lady;)

  2. Love the collage too! It shows how one piece can look different !

    Can I be cheeky and ask if you would like to contribute it to my natural hair mag?

  3. @ Chair & Jc - Thank you!

    @ Jc - I saw that post on your blog and thought...hmm...can I be a contributor? Since you asked, I'll assume you think I have something to share :), I'd love to help!