Twist Love

With all of these posts about what I wear and eat, I was BOUND to write SOMETHING ABOUT MY HAIR!!!  I've been rocking some combo of my Oompa Loompa/Shingai/Janelle Monae updos for the past 2-3 weeks.  Yesterday, it was time to refresh my updo, and as I started to take my hair down I twisted one piece, then another and another...I looked at it and I liked it.  I continued to twist my hair until I was finished and I thought, "This is exactly why I don't twist my hair anymore" LOL.

I styled my hair into this lovely twist & roll, inspired by a loc'd style from Essence. Twists carry a wonderful elegance because they capture our texture in a unique way. My twists remind me of yarn, and I love it.   I think I forgot how much I like twists in my quest to be lazy find quick hairstyles. I especially liked these twists because my hair was well-stretched and they came out nice and thick. Additionally, with my new length, I think I will enjoy styles like this more often.  It's times like this that I'm glad that I combed out my locs to experience my hair and still achieve a similar look!

Have you found yourself straying away from twisted/braided styles? If so, why?


  1. Lord, I actually have reached a personal record and kept my braids in for 6 weeks now. It is plain laziness.

    I have never really got into twists because they don't work with swimming. I think the pure fact that I don't have to do much to my hair when it is braided is the main attraction.

    I think your hair looks much thicker probably a result of gaining more length?

    I was also going to comment on the sloppy joe post but ummmm I'm being lazy lol......I've never had one and always wondered what it was...good to know:)

  2. LOL @ keeping them in for 6 weeks!!! I have way too bad hair-ADD for that. I can imagine that braids work best with swimming...I want to braid my hair, but I never like them. I imagine I'll like them more when my hair is longer.

    If gaining length means my hair will look thicker I say YAAAAS!

  3. First off, I L-O-V-E this style on you! The twists are fabulous. Very elegant. If I had known of styles like this that first go round, I would have never re-permed.

    This summer I basically discovered that I love twists and twist outs. I had to get used to the fact that my twists really really shrink (especially in the humid summer) and frame my face differently. However, I've just about abandoned the style for now only because of time. With my hectic schedule I NEED the twists, but can't manage to find the hours needed to get them done. LOL

  4. Thanks Libby! It's so crazy how we didn't know about simple styles like twists, I discovered them in 2007, knowing about them probably would have saved me some BCs...

  5. I guess we live and learn. lol

    So do you use any product on your hair when you twist with stretched out hair? On my hair, I can only see that particular rope texture when my hair is dry.

  6. I did not use any products...I think I must be the exact opposite of a product junkie...

  7. Nice! I just cannot do neat twists at day.

  8. I strayed away from twists because I don't have time to do them--I'm an engineering student. Once I reach 1st my hair goal, I'll do some two strand twists. *waits patiently*

    Anyways, I love this style. :)

  9. @ Efe- I am an engineer too! No longer a student though. Twists can be time consuming, hence why I haven't done any in months. Now I will stick to thicker twists unless I happen to want to just park it in front of my TV!