Shingai-Inspired Updo

I had a conference to attend for work and wanted to do more than my usual winter 2-strand twists.  This style was absolutely elegant, I loved it!  I got tons of compliments and would definitely rock it again at a wedding, work, or on the weekend for fun.  The style was very similar to the Cinnabun style, with a little Shingai-inspiration since I did not pull it back.  I had a total of 8 rolls, 4 on each side, with a part down the middle.

Back *I adjusted the bobby pin in this one after I took the pic, lol*

I don't think the pictures capture the essence of the style.I think I'll try this style again without a part down the middle to change it up.

Tutorial: I did this style on blow-dried hair, however it would work equally well on stretched hair. Part hair down middle (optional).  Part hair horizontally into four sections (*eight if you did the center part).  Gather each section at the end and pin each section back.  Use bobby pins or hair pins to hold. 


  1. U look CUte as always! I really like how you play with your hair and do various styles! That's very bold of you and I love that scarf :-)

  2. LOL, thanks Amma Mama! I get bored very easily...and the scarf is from H&M :)