Outfit of the Day: Fonzarelli

Top - Anthro; Pants - H&M; Belt - Sample; Shoes - Hand me down; Earrings - Gift; Necklace - Gift (Etsy) ; Ring - Etsy; Watch - Skagen; Sunglasses - Anthro; Hair - Oompa Loompa front w/ reverse french braid

 My first Outfit of the Day!!! I call this one "Fonzarelli" because my hairstyle was inspired by Fonzie from Happy Days.  As I put this outfit together, I didn't plan on this being my first outfit of the day.  However, when I saw how well the black pants worked with the brown accessories, I knew I needed to share!  I really love mixing black & brown because it's unexpected and definitely shows off my  style.  I do a lot of androgynous looks because button ups are my thing - I love how they fit my body.  Ideally, I would have worn this outfit with some brown flat oxfords, however I don't have any (they're on my "Fall to Buy List"), so I compromised with some brown flats.  I wore this outfit to work, nothing special, just work.

Quick Outfit of the Day Introductions...

  1. I have racked up a lot from Urban Outfitters Sample Sales over the years because I have a close friend who works there and loves me and gives me whatever she doesn't want.  Items labeled "sample" cost me less than $5.
  2. Additionally, I get discounts at all Urban Outfitters stores (Urban, Anthro, Free People & Leifsdotter) because of this friend, so I have a lot of Anthro items, but I DO NOT EVER pay full price for Anthro clothes/accessories.  
  3. I get a lot of jewelry from independent jewelry designers that sell their stuff on Etsy.  I love unique hand-made pieces, and supporting independent designers.
  4. My bf is my photographer for the time-being.  He's doing this as a favor to me, so it's not his craft - just like modeling isn't mine! lol
  5. I have a regular Canon Power Shot SD630 digital camera, and hope to upgrade soon!


  1. looking good mama! and your man did a good job with your photo shoot.

  2. Yay, I love the outfit and the title of the post!! I may have to try the hairstyle out as well!!

  3. Very cute and effortless outfit. It looks good.