Bad habit

Today I realized that I have an innately horrible, undeniable, bad habit.  Ok, I'm exaggerating the severity of the habit, but it is a bad one.  My bad habit is:

I pop/pull/snap off my fairy knots, when I should snip them with scissors.

I don't know what it is about fairy knots, but when I see one, I just pop it.  I'll do this while I'm driving (which is dangerous)...or while I'm working...reading blogs online...or any other time I have two free hands.  I think I'm going to start carrying a pair of shears so that I avoid the urge to POP!  My excuse for this bad habit is: "popping these fairy knots does not cause worse split ends" -#fail.

Do any of you have "bad habits"?  They don't even have to be hair-related.  For example, my other bad habit is that I rarely go a day without dessert...seriously sweets are my KRYTONITE!!!


  1. Oooh I do that too, but when I'm conditioning and detangling...bad.

  2. me too! I try to convince myself it won't make it worse but i know deep down that ain't true! i think the way to go is to leave the fairy knots alone. that's kind of the nature of our hair. I'd go mad if I tried to snip one out each time I felt one...