Sofull Sista...where "she" is going

I recently discovered how much I love blogging for my own personal fulfillment.  Originally, when I created Sofull Sista, I saw a NEED for 4b sistas to have a space to share unique and fierce styles.  In the past I have confined myself to sticking to hair because I thought it would be too much to talk about food, hair, fashion and holistic living in one blog, thus I stuck to hair.  However, I realized that as much as my blog is about sharing information with other people, it's also an AWESOME outlet for me.  Thus, I hope you enjoy the new additions.

#1: One addition that's sure to come is "Outfit of the Day" posts.  I recently have fallen IN LOVE with so many personal style blogs, I thought daily outfits would be a great way to showcase my sense of style and my love for fashion.  I plan to post 1-2 outfits every week.  My first one will be posted some time soon!!!  If you like style blogs, check out a fellow naturalista (and friend's) blog at Watch Me Dress!

#2: This isn't an addition, but I've upped the ante on this one.  You may have noticed more food posts...really that's because I realized that eating out IS expensive.  Seriously though, I am cutting down on eating out, thus I have to cook or I'll starve.  Plus, cooking is a good life skill for me to develop.  I'll definitely continue to supply you with weekly healthy, affordable eats.

#3: Lastly, I will add occasional "fitness" updates.  I personally  find that writing about exercising is not fun.  I definitely don't enjoy writing about running for 5 miles when I know how I truly FEEL when I run 5 miles - not awesome.  However, I do like training for events and playing competitive sports.  As I join teams and register for races, I'll let you know what I'm doing to stay fit.  In case you're wondering, I'm currently torturing myself exercising by running 10 miles a week.  I typically break this up by running 3 sets of 3,3 and 4 miles at a pace of 9.30 minute/mile.  I run because I love to be outside and smell the fresh air, it's free, and I love the health benefits of running.

That's pretty much it.  I'm still going to talk about hair a lot, because that's just who I am.  If you know me "in real life" you would probably see how my blog truly reflects my actual interests and activities.  I hope you continue to enjoy the perspective I bring.  Thanks for following Sofull really makes me smile every time I see "strangers" read the stuff I write!


  1. Congrats! It's wonderful to have a blog that reflects the whole person. I tried managing two blogs over the past two years - one for fitness, food, and photography; the other for just crafting. Then I realized that it was like putting myself into compartments, and I really don't function that way. It's all artistic and so that's why I eventually merged my two blogs, changed the name, and moved the url. I've lost some folks in the process, but I'm very happy with my blog at this point.

    Looking forward to your new additions. :-)

  2. Yay!! thanks for the shout-out and I can't wait for your outfit post! :-)

  3. I left you an award on my blog.

  4. I'm the same - I was originally going to blog about fashion but I read so many blogs that are so singular; I decided to make mine a bit more a reflection of me and all of my interests, not just one. So it's a little random at the moment, but I like it that way. I look forward to all the new posts!