Janelle Monae Inspired-Style

I've had the "I'm bored with my regular styles" itch and have tried a number of new styles like 3-strand twists (post to come on this one), Shingai-inspired style (post to come) AND I did a Janelle Monae-inspired style!!!  2 out of 3 were FABULOUS!!!  I'll highlight the Janelle Monae-inspired style in this post.

NOTE: I CLEARLY don't have as much hair as her, it was extremely difficult pulling the back of my hair together into a french roll type of flat twist.  I will probably wait to try the style again until my hair is longer.  However, it was pretty cute for a first-time try.



I used A LOT of bobby pins to pull this style together.  Like I said above, it was difficult pulling the look together with my current length.  I did this style on blow-dried hair.

YES - I blow dried my hair (on warm heat)!!!  I used a heat protectant AND used plenty of sections to ensure a painless/ minimal hair-loss experience.  The blow out was big and fun, but it did not look styled, so I did flat twists kimmay-style soon after, which gave the front bang its texture. I digressed...

I would give a tutorial, but it was so difficult for me to pull this together, I don't feel that I am properly equipped to officially gives tips on this one.  I do however, have a suggestion for a youTuber who gave a good tutorial for the style, check out Karleo82's tutorial here.  This was a great new funky style for me!

Is it just me...or is this taking you back to Elvis Presley???

While I was rocking the style, I thought about wearing it for a work conference, but thought it would remind my co-workers too much of Elvis, so I opted out.


  1. Wow! I reaallly like your attempt! The front is adorable! It will get longer in no time :-)

  2. I def vote for the Chris Tucker in The 5th Element over Elvis!!


    Love u :)

  3. LOL Jazz...you're so RIGHT!!! And I just saw it on TNT!