Sort of a french braid

I love to tap into unsual places for inspiration. Today, I'm just looking at awesome larger braided styles that a lot of the "stars" are wearing.

Is it just me, or does everyone have a "random" braid pinned back in their hair these days!  I love braids, I would wear cornrows if my braiding was better and it didn't take so long.  I've been looking at larger braided styles because they're quick, protective and typically fit under a hard hat! Additionally, these  styles are low-stress for my edges, which is AWESOME! This is what I came up with pulling from these's a type of french braid.

I don't know why I made that face in the last one...caught myself trying to "change things up" - AND FAIL! LOL!

Tutorial:  This style was done on stretched hair.  Make a part that stretches ear to ear for the front coiff/pouf.  Section this hair off.  French braid the back, pin the remaining braid up (or in a bun if you have enough length). Pin the front down with hair pins and bobby pins.

Overall, this is a great protective style for me because it's quick, cute and is low stress on my edges.


  1. oh, i expected the twist in the front to just twist around the left side of your head. but i guess it would be weird with a hard hat! im gonna try my own spin on this and see how it goes. thanks!

  2. I often do a french braid across the front of my hair. It's a great look for summer. It keeps my bangs out of my face in the heat. You can see a few pictures of my hair like that on my fb under the "photos of Bethany" section.

    I like your version. It has so much character.

    - Bethany

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm rocking the same style as you at this very minute. I've been noticing the upsurge of headbands and flowers and as I have both I tried it out. I tucked the top of the braid into the "mini french roll" created from the bang hair. Then I put the headband on and clipped one of my crocheted flowers to the side. Fun and simple. But now I think I'll try some twists since we have a long weekend.

    Wanted to show you this style video. I particularly like the last style.