Bangs and a bun

I cannot recall how I wore my hair this past week, however I know that I did a lot - remixed some old hair styles and I rocked an afro again yesterday.  Thus, I didn't take any solo-hair pics.  Today, I went back to some old pics from a month ago.  I never got to posting pics of this style, so I thought it's now or never!

This style was inspired by my interest in curly-hairs texture with bangs.  I basically wanted bangs and since I don't wear my hair out much, a low bun was perfect for the rest of my hair.  I feel like a low bun has some sort of je ne sais quoi that a high bun lacks.

This style was done on stretched hair.  I pinned my hair back into a "bun" - honestly there wasn't a whole lot of hair in the bun, but I didn't care.  When I braided my hair the night before I sectioned the braids so that my hair was lying towards the front.  This made the bangs flow naturally.  Pictured are two options for this style: one with it off my face - I swear my acne prone forehead is a result of hair on my face - and another with it on my face.


  1. This is a simple style that looks great on you. I really like the way you pinned part of the bangs back. Both styles, very elegant.