Sometimes I just want to cut it

Yes ya'll - I'm referring to my hair again.  I know some of you are reminiscing on my recent post on my "love affair" with twists, however that affair came about only after frequent thoughts to CUT IT!  Let me explain my thinking and break it down into two parts: #1- Why I want to cut it and #2- Why I won't cut it...right now

#1 - Why I want to cut it

Obviously these two pictures are clear examples as to why I just want to cut it.  These styles are super cute, edgy, versatile and (dare I say) easy.  I bookmarked a highlight on Curly Nikki about a woman who cut her APL hair into a similar style (check it out here).  I saved it because I know I'll do it someday.

#2- Why I won't cut it...right now
Two reasons, one being because of my job.  I wear hard hats every day and I would need to rock a low fade - 2" max for me to maintain healthy hair.  Also, I know my fro would get ruined with wearing hats every day - what's the point of a cut like this if it's constantly matted down?  Second, I set some goals for myself and I want to see myself achieve those goals.  I will not cut my hair until I reach APL (not including trims).

For now, I'll just save all of these pictures so that when I do reach APL, I'll be ready to go with my new style!


  1. well solange's hair is a wig. so you might wanna get yourself a wig to rock out on the weekends, and have the best of both worlds! ;)

  2. or invest in a good scarf to wrap your hair before you put the hard hat on.