Outfit of the Day: Fall

Dress - H&M; Boots - Urban; Broach - Anthro; Belt - Sample; Necklace - Old (as in time not a label); Earrings - Urban; Watch - Movado; Hair - Janelle Monae front w/ reverse french braid

Date: Tuesday, 9/21

Monday was the first night of the season when I needed to close my apartment window - it was chilly outside and the weather was in the 60s. The chill reminded me that fall is here! Since today is officially the first day of fall, I thought it was a good day to post these pics, despite the fact that it was actually 90 degrees today (hello global warming).   I brought out one of my staple fall items - BOOTS.  The cool color of the dress also reminds me of fall AND the broach has plush velvet and a faux feather - fall again.  Do you catch the theme?  Maybe this will encourage the weather to be normal, more like fall and less like summer...

*I'm going to add my hairstyle with my outfit since it's definitely a part of my personal style*


  1. Mo! I love this style! I haven't been giving fall the love it deserves, but you just got me in the mood!

  2. Thank you! Fall is my favorite season just b/c of the options it brings to my wardrobe.