Fall hair inspiration

I am an avid reader of fashion magazines, I subscribe to Lucky and purchase Marie Claire and inStyle for the month of September for their BIG FALL ISSUES!!!  Let me apologize ahead of time for my fall excitement.  I'm looking forward to the layering, scarves and BOOTS!  All the fashion mags and websites are talking fall so I thought I'd join in on the fun.

I get emails from Refinery29, and they recently did a focus on "5 Super Easy Fall Hairstyles".  Most of them won't work for our afro-textured hair, however there is one that is simply DIVINE!

I love this style because it's carefree, wispy and hat-friendly.  I also think the girl in the last pic is black...she probably has a relaxer...REGARDLESS - this style is TOTALLY doable on our afro-textured hair.  I think our texture showing through will also give the style a lot of flavor and character.  Unforch, I do think this style needs to be done on longer hair - I think I have to count myself out :-( - but I still wanted to share the idea for those of you who do have the length to achieve this style.

I will add this: You see how the brunette (second pic) used black hair ties and there's a contrast to show the banding done in this style?  I, comparingly, would use brown hair ties to contrast the color against my nearly black hair.  I would also add a center part in the front.  If any of you try this style, let me know how it goes!

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