Rough draft in pajamas

Top - Urban; Blazer - Banana; Pants - Anthro; Shoes - Urban; Necklace - Anthro; Pumps - Urban; Purse - Thrifted; Lips - MAC (Dare You)

Date: Saturday, April 16, 2011

I had a sorority meeting on Saturday, and I was running late, per usual. I ended up editing this outfit up a bit by adding my ladybug earrings, and my black frames - not the Urkel ones. Now that I'm looking at this close up pic - the frames were a NECESSARY addition! This added the nice little bit of pizzaz that I felt was missing.

These pants are a new purchase from Anthro that I got this weekend for $35. I already love them because I can dress them up, dress them down, they're comfy, and they have an elastic waistband. Basically, they're everything I'd ever want in a pant. The comfy aspect was especially great considering that I felt like wearing pajamas the entire weekend, however I knew that I couldn't really wear pajamas. Thus, I wore these pants on Saturday, and some leggings Sunday!

Do you have days where you feel like wearing your PJs? Do you wear them? :) I can't be alone in this longing to wear pajamas for an entire day...right?


  1. I definitely have days where I wish I was wearing pajamas lol, I'll usually do leggings, and if I have to be more dressed up a really long flowy skirt with leggings under lol

  2. I haven't done any new post because I have been lounging in my sweats. So I definitely know what you mean.

    Love the outfit, poses and the hair! Are those the grey versions of the famous Urban pumps? Are you going to do a tutorial for that hairstyle?

  3. @ Mrs. J - LOL. Thanks! Yes, these are the grey versions of the Urban pumps, I got them on super discount for like $10 - SCORE! I haven't worn my hair loose in a couple of weeks, so I'll get to a tutorial when I feel like washing it, which probably will be in another week or two. I'm lazy...