Easter Sunday

Dress - Anthro; Belt - Urban; Shoes - Urban; Shades - Urban

Date: Sunday, April 24, 2011

The church I typically attend has a very relaxed dress code, thus I wear whatever I want. This Sunday, I went to my parents church which is more of a traditional church, thus I needed something modest and  dressy, and this was the dress I chose. I've had it for several years now, and I love it! However, for some reason, any time I wear this dress, I spill some greasy food on it and feel like I ruin it. However, the stain disappears by the next time I wear it. Either that, or when people point it out to me I act like I didn't know it was there. I'm awful right! This dress cost too much for me to hang it up so early, and that's how I make it work! Have you done that before? Worn something with a small stain with the hopes that you get by unnoticed?

PS - Without fail, I spilled some of my mushroom gravy on the dress. I'm hoping that with a little dish wash detergent, water and time, it too will disappear. (You can barely see it in the last pic)


  1. I don't see anything. My vision may be horrible though. Lol. Like the dress though; you're rockin' it, Mo! ;-)

  2. I can't see the stain at all! You look beautiful and the dress is fabulous. I may need those urban shades your wearing because I LOVE them!! :)

  3. You look great!! You're blend in with the scenery, tres cool! I don't see the stain girl, u trippin! lol



  4. Thanks everyone! I don't go out the house with clearly visible stains, but with the ones I know are there, that folks like my mom can spot. I doubt anyone else noticed it either.

  5. SUCH a cute dress!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Who cares about stains!