Three things from my week that made me smile...

1. Letters for Naja from Anthro. I plan to hang these over her crib. SN: I realized that the 'n' is actually a 'u' - so the final product will vary slightly because the 'n' has a different print.

2. Horizons in Philadelphia, PA. Awesome vegan restaurant that I visited with my old roomy last weekend. Pictured below: Fresh Hearts of Palm Cake, Curried Mixed Squash, Braised Black Lentils, Cucumber Mint Chutney.

3. Thank you cards. I've been getting a couple of gifts from my baby registry in, and I've been slacking on sending out Thank You's. I picked these cute cards up, and thought they were a nice way to show our appreciation.


  1. Those cards are cute. Vegan food looks really good too. Hope you are doing well and that the baby will continue to be well behaved after birth. All the best, dear :)

  2. the letters are such an awesome idea and supper cute!! the food looks sooo yummy -- maybe one day i can find food like this in the D (sigh).

  3. Aww yay! Food looks bomb! So is the name pronounced "Nah-sja" or Nah-Jah or...

    Either way, I think it's a beautiful name!!


  4. @ Krisbliss - Thank you, it's pronounced Nah-jah :)