Design Your Look Contest Entry

I found out about a contest from a fellow blogger, that another blogger (and Wolverine) is hosting.  Jessica of Jess LC Jewelry is hosting a Design Your Look contest for Spring! Jess designs jewelry that I would describe as classic, unique and special. Everything is adorable!

To enter the contest, I had to come up with a look for Spring for myself. Knowing that I'll be huge this spring, I was somewhat limited to what I could pick. However, I still managed to find some pretty awesome pieces that are right on trend, that I would definitely wear. Check it out below.

I plan to tie the scarf around the purse for a little extra POW! I can imagine this looking absolutely lovely this spring accompanied with a big, fluffy afro. What do you all think?

I'll post an update to how you can vote for me later this week. While I would love to win (who couldn't use $200 and two courtesy items from Jess LC), I really just thought it would be a cool contest to enter. And another way to help me sharpen my Photoshop skills - POW!

1 comment:

  1. So thrilled the DYL Challenge led me to your blog :) I'm really digging the maxi dresses this year--and think I might be finally bold enough to try it! I love those bright pink earrings too!

    If you want to hone your photoshop skills some more, you might like my weekly link-up, Friday’s Fancies! Though I can't promise $200, I can promise an extra entry in my {ode to france giveaway} this week!

    I sure hope you'll think about it--your design skills deserve to be showcased! Have a great week :) xoxo {av}