So In Love

Shawl Thing - Anthro; Top - Anthro; Skirt - Thrifted; Shoes - Urban; Necklace - Target

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today, I am thinking of the lovely "So In Love" ballad from Kiss Me, Kate. I sang an excerpt of it for a voice class I took in undergrad. Anyway, I got inspiration for this outfit from a Refinery 29 email highlighting five different ways to wear a maxi skirt. This option was basically right out of my closet considering that I had all of the pieces to make the look work. When I got dressed this morning, I was in love with the whole look - just in love!

On the topic of love - I find that I'm falling more in love with my baby girl every day. It's so exciting to feel her moving around - she's like a little alien! I mean that in the sense that I'll feel a kick mid-belly, then high-belly and low-belly in a 1 minute time span. I'm wondering if she's going to be a gymnast :). I can't wait to meet her - I think my mom will have to pull her away from me, because I want to gobble her up already! I tried to do it now, but I can't bend down and kiss my belly.


  1. I love IT!!!! Great way to describe the alien like movements.

  2. I am so excited to see your little girl!

    Also I love how you wore this shawl thing. I have a few sort of off the shoulder type pieces and wanted a way to "class it up" a bit. I like this.

  3. @ Finding the NEW old ME - Describing babies in utero as aliens is really very fitting! HAHAHA!

    @ LTeezy - Thanks!

  4. LOVE this look. Also, I so agree. I am so interested in having a baby precisely for that alien feeling. As for the rapid kicks, maybe she is training to be a ninja! :)

  5. @ Camille Acey - Thanks girl!

  6. Awww she's falling in love with her mommy too. So sweet! You are glowing and I really love this outfit from head to toe. So simple & chic!